On this page you will see a list of the activities which is possible to do on this camping or close to it.

  • Mogrensvik has an own private beach by lake Järnsjön.
  • 5 km around the "neighbour" lake Låbysjön is perfect for walking or running.
  • Visit the top of the ridge "Rövaråsen" (135 m. above sea:) between Mogrensvik and "The Nolkull farm". Interesting nature and magnificent view. Mushroom- or berrypicking.
  • Fishing can at the moment offers to our guests and not with nets. For fishing in Järnsjön or Låbysjön you need permission from a landowner by the lake. For more information about swedish law, press here.
  • We organize or can organize activities on our own or ordered, call or mail for information!
  • For more activities, press here.